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An Interview with Kat Mische ElleJohnnie, where did your adventure begin?I had planned on retiring from law enforcement on January 7th last year in 2021. I picked that specific day because it was the day I graduated from the academy, 21 years ago to the day...

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PHOENIX — Coming out as a member of the LGBTQ community is often the hardest decision for young people to make, especially coming out to their families. After retired Scottsdale police officer Johnnie Ghiglia's son Chase came out to him nearly eight years ago, he decided to not only love and accept him but to do something more for the LGBTQ community as a whole. inspires people.

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"I believe the most important thing I have proven with my actions is to let me son know that I will always love, support and accept him no matter who he is or who he loves. When he came out at 17 and told me that he is gay, it did not make a difference at all as he is my son and I love him unconditionally! I told him that I want him to be his authentic unique self, whatever that is!"

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